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Smart strategies for children in Texas Hill Country Schools

Aug 28, 2017 9:32:26 AM

Summer is over for kids in Texas Hill Country schools (Commence “yays” and “boos,” depending on your perspective)! They probably won’t have homework or exams for the first few days, which can give you extra time to support new organizational strategies and put some plans in action to help set the school year off right.

Spotlight on the Northwest side: One of the best places to buy a home in New Braunfels:

Aug 2, 2017 9:41:00 AM

New Braunfels is one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, but if you're looking to live here, how do you know where to go? Today we’re spotlighting one of the hottest areas in town for those who are looking to buy a home in New Braunfels: the Northwest side.

Acclaimed Comal ISD offers yet another reason to buy Texas Hill Country new homes

Aug 1, 2017 8:16:00 AM

Add another accolade to the long list enjoyed by the acclaimed Comal ISD, the school district that serves buyers of Texas Hill Country new homes in New Braunfels’ communities like The Crossings. The American Heart Association and H-E-B have presented the district and ComalFit with the Healthy School District Award.

Important things to know about resident satisfaction when buying a home in New Braunfels

Jul 6, 2017 8:36:00 AM

Thinking you might like to buy a home in New Braunfels? You’re not alone. New Braunfels is the second-fastest growing city in the nation for its size and is attracting new families in search of a thriving city with great amenities, an ideal location, and small-town friendliness, every day. If you want to know why New Braunfels is the choice of today’s new home buyers, all you have to do is listen to those who already live here.  The new New Braunfels National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS) is a great place to start.

New Braunfels fun activities this summer

Jun 27, 2017 10:07:07 AM

With school out and the heat of summer upon us, you’re probably looking for ways to keep the kids entertained. There are great Hill Country family activities all year round, but the area really comes to life this season. Here are 13 New Braunfels family fun activities to keep your kids entertained.

Hill Country Summer Camps To Keep New Braunfels Kids Entertained All Summer

May 18, 2017 9:45:09 AM

We’re winding down to summer, which probably means you’re considering the best summer activities for kids in the Hill Country. New Braunfels summer camps offer great solutions to keep them active and entertained all summer long, or just for a few days here and there. The New Braunfels Chamber laid out some of the best options for Hill Country summer camps.

Favorite Hill Country event Wein & Sangerfest going on until 10pm tonight

May 6, 2017 11:49:53 AM

Looking for a great Hill Country event to attend today or a fun family activity in New Braunfels? Wein & Saengerfest is one of the most popular New Braunfels events of the year, and it’s going on today until 10pm. Wein & Saengerfest includes wine and craft beer tasting, live entertainment and kids activities all day. Even better, admission is free and all proceeds from beer and wine sales benefit the New Braunfels Parks Foundation & the Downtown Association to continue to enhance Downtown New Braunfels.

Top tips to help you get the best out of your visit to Schlitterbahn

May 3, 2017 8:43:00 AM

Another Schlitterbahn season has just started, and that means a cavalcade of people will soon be descending upon the world’s best waterpark. But that's no reason to stay away. When you live in the Hill Country, being able to head to this favorite New Braunfels family amenity any time you want is a privilege! You just need to know a few tips and the latest news to get the best out of the park without spending your whole day in line.

How to declutter before moving into a new home in the Hill Country

Apr 20, 2017 8:24:00 AM

If you’re buying a new home, you’re probably looking forward to the house, but the actual moving part…maybe not so much. Paring down your things beforehand can make the process of packing and unpacking easier and also give you a fresh start worthy of your new Hill Country home.

Home design trends for your new Hill Country home

Apr 6, 2017 8:24:00 AM


Part of the fun of buying a new home in New Braunfels is getting to pick out your paint colors and your countertops and your backsplash. There are so many things that go into making a new house a home, and personalizing it to your exact taste is a thrill. But when you’re making all those choices, you probably also want to make sure you’re staying on trend to protect your home value. Pantone Color Institute and Realtor.com are here to help, with the home decor trends that are not only hot now, but will be in demand next year as well.

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