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Home Blog Important things to know about resident satisfaction when buying a home in New Braunfels

Thinking you might like to buy a home in New Braunfels? You’re not alone. New Braunfels is the second-fastest growing city in the nation for its size and is attracting new families in search of a thriving city with great amenities, an ideal location, and small-town friendliness, every day. If you want to know why New Braunfels is the choice of today’s new home buyers, all you have to do is listen to those who already live here.  The new New Braunfels National Citizen Survey™ (The NCS) is a great place to start.

The NCS measured New Braunfels’ overall livability, capturing opinions based on “Community Characteristics, Governance and Participation,” they said, and broken down to eight central facets of community: “Safety, Mobility, Natural Environment, Built Environment, Economy, Recreation and Wellness, Education and Enrichment and Community Engagement.”

What they found was not surprising for those who live in New Braunfels and are already experiencing the joys of calling this thriving city home. “Residents continue to enjoy a high quality of life in New Braunfels,” they said. “Compared to other communities, more residents gave positive ratings to New Braunfels’ overall image, the city as a place to raise children and as a place to retire. About 9 in 10 respondents would recommend living in New Braunfels.

Residents intended to stay in the city for at least the next five years. Overall results were similar to The NCS 2014 survey, “which suggests that residents continue to experience a high quality of life,” they said.

Those who want to buy a home in New Braunfels will also appreciate more detailed information about the eight central facets, which showed:

 Residents find the strong economy to be a “positive feature of the community.” Part of New Braunfels’ impressive and consistent growth has been centered around its economy, with new jobs and residents pouring into the city. The growth of the job market as well as important area amenities attract residents who may not have known about anything other than the city’s beautiful natural surroundings and area recreation. “Evaluations for aspects of Economy were especially strong in New Braunfels,” they said, “as nearly half the measures were rated higher than in other comparison communities including overall economic health, vibrancy of the downtown/commercial area, shopping opportunities, New Braunfels as a place to visit and economic development.”

Strong “community connectedness” continues to be a priority. New Braunfels is known as a warm and inviting community, and that’s clearly important to residents. The positive 81% rating tracks higher than other communities nationwide. “Safety and Natural Environment are priorities for residents of New Braunfels.” About 9 in 10 people surveyed ranked their overall feeling of safety in their community highly, and just about as many said they “felt safe in their neighborhoods and in New Braunfels’ downtown/commercial area,” they said. Those living in New Braunfels also think highly of the city’s safety services, including police, fire, ambulance/EMS and fire prevention, “with about 8 in 10 or more giving these excellent or good ratings,” scores that have risen since the 2014 survey.

The overall quality of the services provided by New Braunfels as well as the manner in which these services are provided are a key component of how residents rate their quality of life.” That includes residents’ opinions of local government and services, which were almost double their noted opinions of the federal government.

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Guide to Buying a New Home in the Texas Hill Country


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