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If you’re buying a new home, you’re probably looking forward to the house, but the actual moving part…maybe not so much. Paring down your things beforehand can make the process of packing and unpacking easier and also give you a fresh start worthy of your new Hill Country home.

“If you’re about to move to a new home, there is one thing you absolutely must do: Declutter before moving,” said Realtor.com. “Really, this is your big chance! There is no better excuse than an upcoming move to unload dead weight.”

Here are some tips to make it easier.

Plan ahead

Waiting until the last minute usually results in a scramble to get everything done and in boxes, which limits how much organizing you can do. All that stuff you planned to sell and donate? It’ll probably end up being moved to your new Hill Country home. The increased volume could cost you more for your move, and then you’ll still have to think about getting rid of all that old stuff later—when all you really want to do is concentrate on your new life.

Start Small

The idea of packing up to move can be overwhelming. Breaking the job of decluttering down to smaller chunks makes it more manageable.

“Looking at a house full of stuff you need to sort through can be really dispiriting,” said US News. “This is why you need to start small. Focus on areas like your bedroom closet, or the living room media cabinet. Don't try to do an entire room at once unless you've already won a Blue Ribbon for Decluttering. Trying to tackle a huge space, especially if you have a lot of items to sort through, is draining and might extinguish your motivation. Small spaces over a longer period of time give you a sense of accomplishment because they can be completed in a matter of hours. Looking at the progress you made, and the pile of junk that's getting donated, will keep you motivated and excited about the next session.”

Get supplies ahead of time

Moving day will sneak up on you, especially if you’re buying a new home in New Braunfels and have been busy picking out your floorplan and finishes. Picking up boxes and other moving supplies early on may help motivate you to get started.

Keep, toss, donate

It’s the classic way to sift through your stuff before moving: Hit one closet at a time with three boxes and label each one, “Keep,” “Toss,” and “Donate.” Too tied to your stuff to put anything in the “Toss” or “Donate” boxes on your own? Ask a good friend to step in for some emotional support.

Tackle that paperwork

Have boxes upon boxes of “important” papers? You may be thinking you have to transport all of them to your new place and store them for decades to come. But, maybe not. “If you file your tax returns online and report everything you should, the IRS says to keep returns and documentation for three years after you file,” said Realtor.com. “You can toss ATM and bank deposit receipts after a year. Keep “forever” documents (e.g., your birth and marriage certificates) in a separate box so you don’t mistakenly pitch them with your Dave & Busters receipts.”

Make smart moves in the kitchen

Depending on how long you’ve lived in your current place, you might have a surplus of canned goods or food that went bad last year, not to mention cookware that’s seen better days and mismatched Tupperware. Step one is to gather up any food that’s expired. Don’t be afraid to ditch some of those canned goods since they’re heavy—and since you’re probably not going to eat those 27 cans of creamed corn, anyway. Instead, consider donating to a local food pantry. Now gather up anything that’s open, like bags of rice or boxes of cereal. Many people dump these, but if you plan to move them, wait until the day of and put them in a box you take over to your new Hill Country home in your own car; you probably don’t want open items in a moving truck, where they can attract pests.

If your cookware isn’t up to your standards, or if you have old stuff mixed in with your newer, nicer set, this is another area where it might be worth it to donate or ditch. As for those Tupperware pieces that don’t match, it’s time to let go…right into the trash can.

Don’t stop

We love this tip from US News, which incorporates decluttering into your everyday life in the days, weeks, and months leading up to your move into a brand-new home in the Hill Country. “Make decluttering part of your everyday routine. Set up a Donate bin in your bedroom closet. Every day, find at least one thing to put in there. Do you have a pile of unwanted gifts you've received over the years that you'll never use? Add those to the pile too! When it gets full, take it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill. As another option, if you decide to make money online selling these unwanted products through e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist, you'll be able to develop some awesome passive income stream opportunities.”

For more information about buying a home in the Hill Country, visit The Crossings. This 288-acre masterplanned community in New Braunfels features two Lennar single-family neighborhoods, family-friendly amenities including a swimming pool, grassy play areas, and walking trails, beautiful Hill Country views, and an ideal location that’s private and serene but offers easy access to I35.

You can also click below to download the free Guide to Buying a New Home in the Texas Hill Country.

Guide to Buying a New Home in the Texas Hill Country

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