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If you’re buying a brand new home in the Hill Country, you are probably wrestling with a number of questions: where to buy, how large a home you need, what floorplan is right for you. But choosing the best new home features can be one of the most important considerations—not just because you want to be sure to include the features that best suit your style and lifestyle, but also because of the importance of making selections that can build value over time.

After all, you don’t want to over-improve for your neighborhood or build in features that might make the home hard to sell down the line. No one wants to move into a new home in New Braunfels and already be thinking about selling, but considering return on investment (ROI) and resale value is important when building a new home in the Hill Country. Remembering the bottom line helps buyers balance the emotion of designing a home that feels right and one that is also a smart financial decision.


Wood floors can be a big financial commitment, but housing experts recommend spending money here because they never go out of style. Hardwood floors are a highly desirable feature in today’s homes, so not only will you get great use out of them, but they’ll help you feel secure about getting the value back out if you ever sell your home.

A higher quality carpet is another good investment, especially for those with kids and animals. Stain-resistant carpets can help keep carpets looking good for years to come.


The most popular—and most expensive—place in the home to upgrade is the kitchen, and with good reason. As the heart of the home, the kitchen is the spot where much time is spent, and not just during active meal prep. Many builders now offer granite and other solid surface countertops as standard, but if they don’t, housing experts agree this is a good place to put your money.

Upgraded appliances are another smart place to direct some funds. According to US News, kitchen appliances should last between nine and 15 years (nine years for microwave and dishwasher, 13 years for refrigerator, 15 years for gas range/oven). And, upgraded appliances are a trend that caters to families looking to prepare tasty, healthy meals at home and those who like to entertain frequently.

Investing in good quality appliances will allow you to get the enjoyment, function, and look you want, while helping ensure that they appeal to buyers should you choose to sell in the future.

Smart home technology

If you have the option of including features like smart thermostats during the building stage, experts recommend going for it. “Not only can smart upgrades make your home more convenient and efficient, but they’ll also make it much more attractive to potential buyers in the future. Said UpNest. Plus, adding them later will cost more.


When it comes to landscaping, following a few rules can help you to make smart choices.

“Landscaping is one of the most important ways to increase your property’s value quickly,” said RISmedia. “In fact, a gorgeous landscape design can increase the value of your home by at least five to 11 percent—and maybe more. The best way to get an excellent return on investment with landscaping is to make sure it fits within your home’s style.”They also recommend achieving a “seasonal balance” that looks good all year round, with “blooming bulbs for spring, annual beds around the house during the summer, shrubs with brightly colored leaves in the fall, and evergreen for the winter.”

For the rear yard, keep in mind that building a pool may not provide a return. In many areas, a pool may actually deter buyers from purchasing your home. For those who can’t live without a pool in their backyard, the value is more about lifestyle, and the money spent may be well worth it. For others, the fact that some Hill Country communities offer a pool as part of their amenity packages for homeowners is more than enough.

For more information, visit The Crossings. This new community in New Braunfels offers single-family homes from Lennar Homes and a range of amenities in a desirable, convenient location.

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