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Love living in New Braunfels? Who could blame you?! The city continues to grow as more people discover all the advantages of living here. In fact, New Braunfels is the 13th fastest growing city in the nation and is expected to grow another 34% in the next 15 years! So how do you go about showing your love for the city you appreciate and admire? Here’s a good place to start.


There are numerous New Braunfels non-profit organizations that offer volunteer opportunities. Whether you are called to help animals, want to find a volunteer activity in the construction arena, or are looking to work with kids, you can find a meaningful non-profit here.

Get involved in a club

Organizations like New Braunfels’ American Cancer Society, Braunfels Foundation Trust, and Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area are just a few of the clubs in New Braunfels you can research to find the perfect fit.

Buy local

Keeping tax dollars in the city keeps money in the city, which supports its growth and infrastructure. And that means even more shops, amenities, and added convenience.


“Shopping local stimulates the local economy,” said US Bank Connect. “When you shop at locally owned stores, the money you spend stays within the community. That's because local businesses are more likely to purchase from other local businesses. The result is that the local tax base grows, and you can help your local businesses keep each other growing. A stronger tax base means improved schools, better roads, and greater support for your local police and fire departments.” Another advantage to buying local: it creates more local jobs.

Get involved in local politics—or at least stay aware of important issues

Looking to be a leader? Run for City council or the School Board. Or, simply keep up with what’s going on in the city. An informed individual is one who can help make change and continue to keep positive growth rolling along.

Keep it clean

It’s all of our responsibility to keep the streets and neighborhoods clean from litter. But if you really want to make an impact, organize a park or river cleanup!

Join the local PTA

New Braunfels schools are some of the best around. Involving yourself with your school’s Parent Teacher Association can help keep you on the forefront of what’s going on and help you keep connected to your kids’ educational progress.

Participate in community events

There’s always something special going on in New Braunfels. When you show up for events like Wurstfest, Americana Music Jam, the Texas Clay Festival, or any of the happenings at Landa Park and Fischer Park, you are actively supporting the city’s economy and growth while encouraging city planners to continue with these events and offer even more.

Tell a friend

You’re probably accustomed to telling friends and loved ones about restaurants, hotels, and shops you love. But have you told them how much you love New Braunfels? It may only take one conversation about the mix of small-town charm and big-city amenities, the recreation, the schools, the views, the growth, and the opportunity to buy a new home in New Braunfels to turn your friends into neighbors!

For more information, visit The Crossings. This new community featuring two single-family home neighborhoods from Lennar Homes has quickly become New Braunfels’ most popular community. Offering a range of new homes, upscale amenities, and on-site amenities including a pool, walking trails, and a large grassy area, The Crossings is located in a convenient setting close to highways and city amenities.

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