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Home Blog 5 Important reasons to buy a home at the end of the year

Worried you missed the prime time to buy a house in the Hill Country once summer ended? Actually, now may be an even better time to buy. Take a look at these reasons “Why you should consider buying a home before the New Year,” with help from Lennar’s “The Open Door” blog.

1. Tax deductions

“By taking advantage of buying a home before the new year you may become eligible for many tax benefits, including maximizing your tax deductions, which can overall help you save,” they said.

Those savings can amount to thousands of dollars between mortgage interest, property taxes, and any points you pay on your loan. “These deductions are significant, especially in the early years of your loan when you’re paying off a lot of interest,” said Realtor.com.

2. Low interest rates

Buying now also helps you to take advantage of interest rates that are close to historic lows. You never know when the Fed could decide to raise rates, which would make it more expensive to buy.

3. New home for the holidays

“The holidays can be busy, but what if you could be in your new home before they begin?” they asked. “By opting for a move-in ready home or quick-move in home, you have the opportunity to be in a brand new home right in time for the holidays.”

At communities like The Crossings, Quick Move homes are available in a variety of sizes and styles, with modern floorplans and upscale features—plus the bonus of being able to move right in without the wait of construction.

4. Less Competition

“Less competition means more of an opportunity to buy the home that you fall in love with,” they said. “With colder weather and the busy holidays ahead, it’s less likely that people will have as much time to go out and search for a new home.”

It’s true that spring and summer are the most popular times to buy and sell a home, which makes the fall and winter advantageous for those who are willing to move when the temps are cooler. “This could be a major opportunity for you as home buyer, to put aside the weather of the winter season and search for the home you’ve been wanting,” they said. “With less competition, it’s easier for you to buy the home you’re interested in without worrying about bidding wars or multiple offers.”

5. Motivated sellers

If you’re buying a resale home during the holiday season, you may find that buyers are more willing to negotiate on price and terms. Lennar notes that the same may be true of builders at the time of year.

“Not only are individual home sellers motivated, but builders are just as motivated when it comes to selling new homes at the end of the year,” they said. “If you’re looking to buy or build a brand new home, don’t forget to ask about year-end incentives and savings. From closing costs to upgraded features, you might be able to get more bang for your buck at the end of the year!”

For more information about buying a home in the Hill Country, visit The Crossings. This 288-acre masterplanned community in New Braunfels features two Lennar single-family neighborhoods with modern floorplans, spacious gathering areas, and many of today’s most coveted home features, like GE Energy Star® stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, window coverings; and landscape packages, included at no extra cost. The community also offers family-friendly amenities including a swimming pool, grassy play areas, and walking trails, beautiful Hill Country views, and an ideal location that’s private and serene but offers easy access to I35.

For more information, visit The Crossings or click below to view all floorplans.

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